Oatcake Toppings

Oatcakes and cheese are a classic combination, but we think it's time for the oatcake to come out from the shadows of cheese and be enjoyed on its own or in a range of different ways.

Now, we're not suggesting you abandon cheese and oatcakes, far from it: you should keep those sacred moments! But why not try eating oatcakes on other occasions too? 

If you don't have time to make your morning porridge or you're looking for something more filling than toast, try oatcakes for breakfast, topped with banana. Swap your lunchtime sandwich for a salad with oatcakes to help release energy slowly throughout the afternoon or boost your energy mid-afternoon with oatcakes and hummus.

Oats are also great as part of any pre- or post workout meal, so popping some into your gym bag can complement your workout routine and ensure you’re refuelling after hard work.

With so many toppings to choose from why not introduce oatcakes at different times of your day and discover just how versatile they can be? Have a look at the different ideas we have for;