Nairn's Scottish Oats


It’s no secret that here at Nairn’s we’re extremely particular about our oats so it makes sense that we use an oat miller who’s as meticulous as we are. John Hogarth’s have been sourcing our oats since 1978 and they only choose oats that have been grown as naturally as possible. Our oats are grown in the Scottish Borders, close to the River Tweed. The fertile land in the Borders is perfect for growing oats and they’ve been grown there for centuries.

Only oats that are plump, golden in colour and sweet smelling make it through John Hogarth’s rigorous checking and testing after harvesting. Once at the mill the oats are steamed, kilned, cooled and finally shelled. The shelled oats (groats) are then cut and rolled or stone ground to produce either course, medium or fine pinhead oatmeal.

The oatmeal is then taken to our small factory in Edinburgh where it’s turned into our naturally energising oatcakes, biscuits and snacks.
We take great care in choosing our ingredients. We make sure their production has a minimal impact on the environment and a maximum impact on great taste.